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Personal Goals 2017

My Personal Goals for 2017

There’s magic in having a goal. I believe I realized this truth playing sports in high school. Sometime early in my high school sports career I was asked to write down one goal and seal it in an envelope. At the end of my last season, I was given the sealed envelop. I knew exactly what was on that envelope. I knew I had accomplished it and though I was proud of what I had done, once it was accomplished, I had wished I had dreamed a bit bigger.

I learned two things from that early event in my life:

  1. Don’t make your goals too easily attainable
  2. Setting a date on your goals is extremely important.

The first point is a balancing act. Each person is different. Do you make your goal to become a billionaire or a multimillionaire? President of the United States or president of Acme inc? I find that I would prefer falling short of an audacious goal rather than accomplishing a timid one. I have many unaccomplished ambitious goals. Yet, as I have grown older, I now have become more realistic with my goal setting. I still think big goals are sexy, but consistently accomplishing your goals is sexier. You be the decider of how far you want to reach. And know, you can always adjust your goals if you realize they don’t fit your interests anymore.

The second point is the magic portion. When you set a date for your goal, you are scheduling a date with a sexier, improved you. I’m going to be able to do 100 pushups by July 1st – why, hello, sexier you on July 1st! The key is the date. It defaults you into accomplishing it. Want to learn to sail? Book sailing lessons. Want a six pack? Hire a personal trainer. Book it, schedule it, get it on the calendar.  By calendaring your goals, you’ve defaulted into accomplishing them. You can thank me now.

My wife and I sit down at the end of the year. We review how we did on our current goals and discuss next years goals. Some goals have exact due dates or timelines and others are ongoing but the nice thing bout setting goals each year is you have a finite timeline (1 year) to accomplish them.

Here’s what we have:


  • Blog or Vlog weekly – ongoing
  • Ford/Dad time once a weekend – ongoing
  • Read 26 books – ongoing


  • Inside Sales Division to close 156 units – Dec 31st, 2016
  • Build a Niche Site and make $1,000 total profit


  • Eat no sweets for one month- January 31st
  • Workout 5x a week
  • Drink no alcohol for 3 months – March 31st


  • Take a family trip (Brendy, Drew, Ford trip) before new baby is born – Booked (January)
  • Sun Valley
  • Yosemite – Aug?
  • Go on a man trip with Daniel and Patrick – Sometime in Sept


  • Read and complete Find Your Calling with Brendy

Family & Friends

  • Go to music concert with wife (no babies) – By Dec 31st
  • Take dance lessons with wife – By Dec 31st
  • Romantic in-house date night – Monthly
  • Spend weekend with family – Monthly


  • Refine 6 things with our budget – by Dec 31st
  • Buy a 2nd home – by Dec 31st

Still here? I’ll be using this list to post my progress throughout the year.




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