25 Things I’ve Learned (so far…)

Yesterday was my 25th birthday.  I turned a quarter century.  In fact it was my golden birthday since I turned 25, on the 25th.  Normally, this is a special day which involves self celebration but I couldn’t help but reflect on how thankful I was to have people around me that have taught me so many wonderful things.  Below are the 25 things I’ve learned in 25 years.  One for every year I’ve been alive.  If someone was to take heed to these things, they’d live a happy and fulfilled life.

Today I’m 25 years old.  I’ve lived 25 years and here is my take on what I’ve learned throughout my long life 😉

  1. Forgive
    1. It makes life better.
  2. Work Hard
    1. It makes the things you get taste better
  3. Enjoy
    1. When you work hard, enjoy the things that are produced from it.  Relax, take it all in
  4. Emphasis on Relationships
    1. Because it would suck to live on a solitary island (we’d probably be talking to a volleyball named Wilson)
  5. Focus on Quality not Quantity
    1. There are some things in life that quantity matters but most it’s quality.  This is true even for exercise, the “quality” (i.e. form) is better than “quantity” (i.e. how many you do)
  6. Big Projects are Just Little Ones in Disguise
    1. Man, does it feel good to tackle a big project.  Break a big project into many little ones and you’re on your way to success!
  7. Do Something That Scares You Every Day
    1. Pretty soon you won’t be scared.  You won’t recognize yourself either
  8. Your Words Are to be Gold
    1. You should always make good on your word.  And especially, never lie to your self
  9. Be Single Minded
    1. Think in Bullet Points Rather than Run on Sentences.  Sometimes the hardest thing to do is simplify
  10. Instant Gratification is not enough
  11. As You Get Older, You Become More Like Your Parents
    1. And that’s kind of scary
  12. As You Get Older, You Become More Like Your Parents
    1. And that’s kind of exciting
  13. At the End of The Day, You Answer to Yourself and God
    1. Be your own person.  As Oscar Wilde said, “be yourself, everyone else is taken”
  14. Time is a Currency Which You Cannot Get Back, and You Are Forced to Spend
    1. One year from now, you can be certain of 1 thing – It’ll be a year from now.  The question is, “what will you have done in that year?”
  15. Base Future Predictions of People’s Actions by Their Past Performances
    1. If someone is in the habit of being late, you would be mistaken to count on them to ever be on time to something important (however, don’t forget t #1 FORGIVE)
  16. Never Speak Badly of Others
  17. Smile
  18. Move
  19. Be Productive, But Not Too Productive
  20. Save Your Money
  21. Give Your Money (and Your Time)
    1. It is a freeing thing to give your money (and your time).  Whenever you feel like you are low on either – GIVE!  You will be amazed by how your deficit will turn to excess
  22. Invest In Your Future
  23. Meditate
  24. Surround Yourself with Awesome People
  25. Be Awesome
    1. Think of the coolest most radical person, the person you want to hang out with – be that person

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