Hi my name is Drew, I’m a finance geek!  This project chronicles my writing on how to automate your finances, live an awesome life and buck the norm.

In my line of work, I see Average Joe’s who have average jobs yet their finances are miraculously golden.  I also see six figured professionals who drive flashy cars who are broker now than when they were in college.


More specifically:

  • I write about personal finance and life style design, with the conviction that you don’t have to follow what the “experts” say
  • I write about entrepreneurship and investment, with the belief that it really isn’t that hard to have your money work for you
  • I write about unconventional viewpoints in personal finance and other things


There is a simple pattern for financial control.  I want to teach you.

You’ll get stories from my clients.  You’ll get tips on how these ultra wealthy, the seemingly ordinary and the down right not-sexy-but-damn-does-that-work how to’s on how to make your financial life better, not just today but for years and decades to come.


  • I work at a mortgage company in California called O2 Mortgage
  • I’m married to my wife Brendy (that’s a pretty great affiliation if you ask me)

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