Business Lunch on a Plane to Las Vegas

Imagine you are heading out from your 9 to 5 for a lunch with your spouse and another couple. They are taking you out for a birthday lunch. As you are heading to the restaurant a wrong turn is made and unfortunately you end up at the airport…turns out your birthday lunch is on a plane to Las Vegas, Nevada.

This is exactly what my wife and my good friends planned. Vegas, Baby!

When we made the “wrong” turn and ended up at the airport I jokingly said, “are we going to Vegas?” unknowing of the surprise trip.

This made everyone in the car turn around and say, ” how did you know?”

I didn’t know, and now I’m really confused. “You guys are joking, right?”

We parked in long term parking and the luggage came out. “Are you guys effing kidding, were going to Vegas? What about my lunch appointments today or my weekend plans?” I said.

“They’ve all been rescheduled…were leaving in 45” they said.

Unlike any other plane ride, a plane ride to Vegas is reminiscent of riding the school bus jam packed with 4th graders – screaming, yelling, occasionally throwing things. The only difference now is that it’s a jet plane not a bus and those 4th graders are 40 year old’s. Even the plane ride is a wild good time.

Everything was planned out, to the finest detail.  We took a limo from the airport to the Stratosphere and rode the ride on the needle, had a few drinks and checked in to the Palazzo.  Because Brendy and I do our finances on Mint.com, the hotel was paid on our friends card, the plane ticket was paid via miles and everything else was done in cash.  Brendy saved for the entire trip (working extra hours and taking extra clients) via cash.  I was completely surprised.  It’s one thing to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas, it’s another to pay for an entire trip…she even gave me a wad of cash for the craps table.


Going to Vegas…Check!

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