Getting Honest

I am a very driven person.  I have many goals, some lofty, some high reaching and others just for fun but if accomplished the results would be a life anything but ordinary.  When I put my head to something I can usually get it done.  Whether this thing is large or small, I normally out of blood, sweat and maybe some American ingenuity get the task at hand checked off.  However, my problem becomes when I have many goals…I’m…eh….I’m a man…a one-track-mind-man.  And that’s great for getting ONE THING done, but not ALL THINGS done.


Blogging is a way to keep me focused and honest with myself.  There are somethings on my list that I have no idea when and how I will accomplish them but nonetheless I want to have a storybook life (or more like a superhero comic book life).  I have come up with a few facts that I will list below:


  1. The average person does average things
  2. An amazing person does amazing things
  3. To be amazing one has to stop doing what everyone else is doing and start doing “un-average” (amazing) things!

Hence the blog.  This is my journey to becoming amazing…I don’t say it pretentiously but I want you to come along for the ride.  Let me know how I am doing.  Let’s do this together!

Drew on his journey


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