The List

My name is Drew Frampton and this is my attempt at documenting doing 101 things I’ve always wanted to do.

It all started when my wife Brendy tried to have a conversation about having a baby. My answer, “I can’t have a kid right now, I still have so much I want to accomplish.”

Enter, The List.

The list was actually Brendy’s idea. We talked about what we would want to do before having a kid, Brendy made a list (a lot of them having to do with me) and so I thought I would lift from her list those that had to do with me and then add more to it.

I’ve always said I don’t have time. I’m running a company, pursuing a career, recently married, active in church / non-profits and a myriad of other things. With a baby on the horizon, I’ve decided to stop procrastination’s lure and do the things I really want to do.


Below is a list of 101 things to do in 1,001 days!

1. Have a Baby! (the reason this whole list got put together)*

Exotic Places and Extreme Adventures
2. Africa*
3. Disneyland*
4. Hot Air Balloon*
5. See Monarch Butterflies migrate*
6. Costa Rica*
7. Las Vegas*
8. Go to a Live Concert*
9. Go to a Museum*
10. Go Whale Watching*
11. Go to Yosemite*
12. Go to a professional Basketball game*
13. Go to a professional Baseball game*
14. Go Snorkeling with my wife*
15. Go Snowboarding somewhere cool*
16. Go Snowshoeing*
17. Go to the Grand Canyon*
18. Go to Hearst Castle at night*
19. Stay at Madonna Inn*
20. Go to a Coffee Plantation*
21. Go on a Safari*
22. Go to a hot springs somewhere cool*
23. Go on a trip with my dad
24. Go on a trip with my mom
25. Go on a trip with guy friends
26. Ride a train and drink wine*
27. Ride a horse drawn carriage and drink wine*
28. Go to Foreign Cinema’s restaurant in San Francisco with Brendy*
29. Climb a really high mountain*
30. Visit a 3rd world country orphanage*
31. Catch a really big fish*
32. Drive down California Coast with top down*
33. Show up to the airport and buy a ticket without any planning*

Self Improvement
34. Dance Lessons*
35. Read a book on how to become a better planner*
36. Learn 2,000 words in Spanish*
37. Learn Kione Greek basics
38. Learn Latin basics
39. Volunteer*
40. Write a Book (Wife wants to write a book too but wont be the same book)
41. Read 5 books on my Great Books to Read in a Lifetime list
42. Learn to play 10 songs on the guitar
43. Get a Tattoo*
44. Get a motorcycle*
45. Rebuild a motorcycle*
46. Learn to play tennis with my wife*
47. Plant a garden*
48. Get Lasik for my wife*
49. Cook a live lobster or crab*
50. Make homemade Ice Cream*
51. Give a speech to an audience of at least 100 strangers
52. Speak publicly at somewhere noteworthy or to someone noteworthy
53. Learn Singapore Math
54. Learn to lead a minimalistic lifestyle
55. Pray / meditate everyday
56. Wake Earlier
57. Become a healthier eater
58. Research how to outsource items in my life
59. Learn to use cheap marketing on the web
60. Get my teeth straightened
61. Learn to be focused without having a boss / manager directing my day
62. Obtain multiple entrepreneur mentors

63. Pick Strawberries*
64. Visit both mine and Brendy’s Grandparents*
65. Pay someone’s bill without them knowing*
66. Throw a huge party*
67. Try every cupcake store in Bay Area with Brendy*
68. Organize all photos*
69. Upload photo’s online for public and private viewing
70. See something born*
71. Get a “Black” card from American Express
72. Buy a really expensive suit tailored to my preference
73. Gain a 100 subscribers to this blog
74. Guest post on someone’s blog
75. Do some kind of artwork I can be proud of
76. Make and post one song I can be proud of

77. Do a 100 push-ups
78. Increase biceps by x inches
79. Decrease waist size by x inches
80. Loose x LBs
81. Find my 6-pack again!
82. Win a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournment
83. Go Surfing or Rock Climbing at least 2 times a month
84. Become more flexible

85. Buy a House*
86. Buy a new car*
87. Start a business that doesn’t need me to run it
88. Minimize my monthly spending
89. Teach financial basics to someone

Family / Home / & Relationship (w/ Brendy)
90. Skinny Dip*
91. Make out in the Rain*
92. Go on a picnic*
93. Adopt an animal*
94. Watch 3 Black and white movies with Brendy*
95. Renew Vows in Vegas*
96. Get professional photos done of Brendy and I*
97. Ride a Tandem Bike with Brendy*
98. Watch the Sunrise and Sunset in the Same Day with Brendy*
99. Kiss on a Ferris Wheel*
100. Do something wonderful for my wife (that does not cost much money)*
101. Have our portrait painted*

* I share many items on this list with my wife, Brendy Frampton. To view her list go here

To learn how this list got started, read the about me page.

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