Why a Business Should Stand For Something

Throughout my short career I have never felt better about working somewhere then my time here at TurnKey.  It isn’t the pay (though they pay me way too much money), it isn’t the perks (there aren’t any…besides the fact that I get a paycheck) and it isn’t the people I work with (though they are great).  The fact is, there is a high sense of responsibility in our daily business activities.  This contradicts popular culture.  Movies such as Wall Street, Erin Brockovich or scandals like Enron, suggest anything but businesses aligning themselves to what they believe in (if they believe in anything at all).  However, without even trying, TurnKey Mortgage Solutions has not only believed in something but aligned its business practices to it.

If every dollar in your pocket was a voting ballot.  A vote for the best butcher, baker and bartender.  You wouldn’t throw your ballot to the butcher who used unscrupulous weighing practices, or even the baker who used substandard ingredients.  No, you would cast your vote with those people whom you knew were of good business practices, who made good products and, if lucky, you actually liked.  These are the business people we willingly give our money to and therefore cast our economic vote.  These people may and very likely have good products, wares or services but it is not the functionality of what they sell that differentiates them – it is what they stand for.

At TurnKey we believe in promoting financial health and well-being to the world and bringing prosperity and sound advice to the people who use our services.  We haven’t come up with some special new product, we decided to take a stand.  We have a higher purpose.


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